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Welcome to Oregon Orthopedic and Sports Medicine Group News.

2017 NEWS -- Oregon Orthopedic and Sports Medicine Group is now ROC Orthopedic

New name, new logo, new colors, new location in Tualatin...the same great service and doctors! Please visit our new website at rocpdx.com. ROC stands for Regenerative Orthopedic Center

The Societal and Economic Value of Orthopaedic Surgery

Executive Summary (excerpt)

Instigated by John Tongue, M.D., the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons has completed a series of research studies examining the social and economic value of orthopaedic surgery for five musculoskeletal conditions. The findings: the indirect economic benefits of orthopaedic surgery for all five procedures were found to result in cost savings to society that far exceeded direct costs.

Click here to view more details about the findings of this report (2 page PDF, compressed to 400kb, will open in separate window or tab)

The Economic Impact of Physicians in Oregon
As published by The American Medical Association | March 2014

Executive Summary (excerpt)

Physicians are trusted leaders in the health care system, providing care to patients across a variety of settings and within a multitude of specialties and subspecialties. Through the care provided to their patients, physicians can have a positive and lasting impact on the health of their patients and the health of the community as a whole. However, the breadth of a physician’s impact reaches far beyond just the provision of patient care. This can be observed by community and state economic benefits (e.g., job creation, purchase of goods/services, and public program support via tax revenues). This report focuses on physicians (both doctors of medicine (MDs) and doctors of osteopathy (DOs)) who are primarily engaged in patient care activities (as compared to those who focus on research or teaching, for example).

The overall findings in the state of Oregon provides estimates of the total economic impact of the 9,935 patient care physicians on Oregon’s economy, measuring four vital economic barometers as follows:

  • Total Output: In Oregon, physicians created a total of $14.8B in direct and indirect economic output (i.e., sales revenues) in 2012. On average, each physician supported $1,491,398 in output.

  • Jobs: In 2012, physicians supported 105,434 jobs (including their own), the total of direct and indirect positions. On average, each physician supported 10.59 jobs.

  • Wages and Benefits: Physicians contributed $8,570.3M in direct and indirect wages and benefits for all supported jobs in 2012. On average, each physician supported $861,075 in total wages and benefits.

  • Tax Revenues: Physicians supported $675.4M in local and state tax revenues in 2012. On average, each physician supported $67,862 in local and state tax revenues.

Total economic impact = direct + indirect economic impacts. The direct impact is the value of the four vital economic barometers that are produced from physicians while indirect impact includes the same barometers which are generated by the industries that are supported by physicians.

ECONOMIC MULTIPLIERS: Direct and Indirect Effects

Economic Multipliers

Patient Guide: Arthritis of the Feet and Ankles
Early diagnosis and treatment can help you maintain an active lifestyle

As published by AOFAS | May 16, 2014

Suffering with pain or stiffness in your feet and ankles? It could be arthritis. More than 52 million Americans have the condition, which destroys the normal workings of a joint. Arthritis most commonly affects the knees, hands, hips and spine, all of which impact quality of life in some way. But when arthritis affects the feet and ankles, mobility can be severely limited.

“It’s important to understand what type of arthritis you have so you can receive the right treatment,” says Jeffrey Feinblatt, MD, an orthopaedic foot and ankle specialist in Tualatin, Ore. “Osteoarthritis that comes with age is treated differently than rheumatoid arthritis, which is an autoimmune condition.” There’s also a form of arthritis that affects the big toe.

Read more >>>

Sports Injuries of the FootDr. Jeff Feinblatt's chapter, Plantar fasciitis / faciosis,
featured in new textbook Sports Injuries of the Foot

New 2014 publication of Sports Injuries of the Foot, featuring Dr. Feinblatt's chapter - Plantar Fasciitis / faciosis

Now available at Springer publishing.

Sports Injuries of the Foot is the go-to text for the management and treatment of foot injuries in athletes, demonstrating the current state-of-the-art techniques in assessment, testing and treatment.

Economic Impact of Ambulatory Surgery Centers in Oregon: $611.6M
Written by Laura Miller | July 11, 2013

The economic impact of ambulatory surgery centers in the state of Oregon was nearly $611.6 million, according to a report from the Oregon Ambulatory Surgery Center Association.

The state's 85 ASCs employ around 1,760 workers in the state, and total expenditure for all ASCs were $257.6 million. The report concluded Medicare and its beneficiaries shared in more than $2.6 billion in average savings each year due to the lower reimbursement for procedures performed in ASCs. Additionally, private insurers and out-of-pocket payments for patients were lower in the ASC setting.

Other findings in the report on ASCs in Oregon include:

•    93 percent patient satisfaction rate at ASCs
•    Lower infection rate in ASCs than in hospitals
•    Shorter wait times to obtain care in ASCs than hospitals

"Ambulatory surgery centers are truly the leaders in federal and state healthcare reform," said Jesseye Arrambide, RN, BSN, CNOR, president of the OASCA and Executive Director of the Oregon Outpatient Surgery Center in Portland. "By our very design, we are meeting the goal of federal and state healthcare reform, often called the Triple Aim: to deliver better quality care at a lower cost and with higher patient satisfaction.

Healthy VibesNEW - "Keep your moving parts moving" article, by Dr. James Ballard featured in NW Boomer & Senior News, Healthy Vibes section, July 2013 Portland Metro/Vancouver edition

When Dorothy meets the Tin Man, he's stiff as a statue, his joints rusted tight. It's all he can do to squeak out the word that will get him moving again: "oil-can."

Many of us can sympathize. Over time, our sedentary lives pull a Tin Man on us...Movement is our oilcan, circulating lubrication around our joints...click here to read the full article

NEW - Dr. Ballard interviewed on KATU's AM Northwest

Dr. Ballard discusses the latest treatment options for knee pain. Go to our Media page to view video.

NEW - Dr. Jeff Feinblatt on KXL

4/25/2013 Orthopedic Surgeon Dr. Jeff Feinblatt was this morning's Providence expert on KXL In Depth, speaking of women and joint health, and promoting the upcoming Women Wellness forums on joint pain.

Please click the link below to listen to Dr. Feinblatt’s interview – which discusses why women are more susceptible to joint problems and what women can do to keep their joints healthy as they age.

Web Flash player: http://www.phsoregon.org/video/?view=t5692ef0d95e5x480x293

...or download the mp3 file here: DOWNLOAD SOUND FILE (1.82kb)

Dr. Ballard explains ShapeMatch technology for knee replacement on KATU's AM Northwest

Go to our Media page to view video

STAR™ Ankle Replacement Video

Click here to view new video

Dr. Ballard featured on KPTV, and interviewed on the radio

Visit our Media page to view the KPTV report on knee surgeries, and to hear the radio interview with Dr. Ballard.

2012 Patients' Choice - Dr. Ballard

Patients' Choice AwardWe are pleased to announce, for the third year in a row, Dr. Ballard was awarded the Patients' Choice Award. Patient's Choice Recognition reflects the difference a physician has made in the lives of their patients. This honor is bestowed only to those physicians who have received near perfect scores as voted by patients.

Call for Orthopedic Questions Phone System Upgrade

We are delighted to announce that Oregon Orthopedic & Sports Medicine Clinic has upgraded our phone system to provide a more efficient customer experience. All calls will be answered by an auto attendant who will route calls based on the caller's selection; however, to maintain personal quality and service, once the selection has been made, calls will be handled by a staff member. To ensure proper routing, please listen carefully to all menu options when calling our office. To ease this transition for our patients, we have provided the menu selections below. We understand your time is important and we appreciate your patience during this transition. Please call the Operations Manager, Amanda Koenig, at 503-905-4102 with any concerns or suggestions you may have.

We hope to hear from you soon

(503) 656-0836

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Electronic Medical Record (EMR) System

Oregon Orthopedics and Sports Medicine Clinic, LLP is pleased to annouce we recently upgraded to a new Electronic Medical Record (EMR) system in 2011. This new EMR system will increase efficiency, and further improve our service to you. We ask for your patience while we revise our current workflows and learn the new system. Feel free to call with any questions.

Your privacy continues to be important to us, and we will maintain the same privacy practices. Click here to see our full Privacy Policy.

27th Annual Summer MeetingAmerican Orthopaedic Foot & Ankle Society.

27th Annual Summer Meeting - Keystone, Colorado

Ankle Session moderated by Jeffery S. Feinblatt, MD

Topics included arthroscopic lateral ligament reconstruction, a new technique that may become the standard - Similar to conversion of open knee and shoulder techniques to less invasive arthroscopic techniques. The panel consisted of surgeons from the United Kingdom, Brazil, Republic of Korea, Switzerland, Canada and the U.S. A full list of topics is listed below:

  • Operative versus Nonoperative Treatment of Unstable Lateral Malleolar Fractures: A Randomized, Multicenter Trial
  • Outcome Following the Failed Anatomical Reduction of Ankle Fractures
  • A Biomechanical Comparison of an Open Versus Arthroscopic Approach for the Treatment of Lateral Ankle Instability
  • Prospective Randomized Trial Comparing Two Options of Severe Ankle Sprain Treatments
  • Arthroscopic ATFL repair for Chronic Ankle Instability with Suture Anchor Technique
  • Radiographic Measurement of Medial Distal Tibial Angle, Part II: Influence of Ankle Position (Rotation, Dorsiflexion/Plantarflexion) and Radiograph Technique on Obtained Results

Orthopaedic Foot and Ankle Society Summer Meeting27th Annual Summer Meeting - Keystone, Colorado

Robotics in Orthopedic Surgery: 6 Points on the Present and Future

Written by Laura Miller, for Becker's Orthopedic, Spine & Pain Management Review.
Includes interview with Dr. Ballard.

Robotic and computer-assisted technology is now available for use during orthopedic and spine procedures. There are many concerns associated with the efficacy and efficiency of this technology, especially since it costs hospitals a great deal of money to acquire. Here, orthopedic and spine surgeon leaders discuss six points on where the technology is now and where it will likely head in the future...READ MORE>>>

Dr. Ballard Interviewed in Scribe's Focus on Technology

Scribe Article - robotic-assisted knee resurfacingMeridan Park adds robotic-assisted knee resurfacing
Precision surgical procedure preserves healthy tissue and normal feel not possible with total-knee replacement surgery

Portland-area doctors now can offer patients a precise means of knee resurfacing that preserves healthy tissue and a normal feel not possible with total-knee replacement.

The technological advance that allows this is medicine's first robotic-arm system for orthopedic surgery. Called the MAKO Surgical Corp.'s RIO Robotic Arm Interactive Orthopedic System, it is a procedure known as MAKOplasty, available at Legacy Meridian Park Medical Center.

Before now, surgeons haven't had the technology to do partial knee resurfacing in a precise way, said James C. Ballard, MD, one of four orthopedists on the Meridian Park medical staff using the technology.

To read the full Scribe Focus on Technolgy article, please click here.

New OMA Study - Physicians Strengthen Oregon's Economy

Oregon's office-based physicians ensure the health and well-being of their communities. The January 2011 State-Level Economic Impact of Office-Based Physicians Report, an AMA study conducted by the Lewin Group, proves that they also strengthen Oregon's economy by creating jobs, purchasing goods and services, supporting wages and benefits, and generating state and local tax revenue. Highlights of the report include:

  • Office-based physicians support more than 50,000 jobs in Oregon.
  • Office-based physicians contribute $12 billion in economic output or sales revenue, representing 7.2 percent of the total GDP in Oregon.
  • Office-based physicians in Oregon generate more than $9 billion in wages and benefits.
  • Office-based physicians generate $589 million in state and local tax revenue in Oregon.

In 2010, the OMA partnered with the Oregon Healthcare Workforce Institute, the Oregon Area Health Education Center and the Oregon Employment Department on a project sponsored by the Oregon Medical Education Foundation, Oregon Health & Science University and the Oregon Area Health Education Center to estimate the economic impact that a single physician has on a local county's economy in Oregon. This study was released in September 2010 and is available at www.theOMA.org/files/Economic_Impact_Study.pdf . It included all active practicing physicians. Both studies point out that physician practices contribute to local economies across Oregon in the creation of jobs as well as the provision of care.

Oregonians benefit directly when the state creates a positive practice environment for physicians. Attracting and keeping physicians in the state gives Oregonians better access to health care and strengthens the state economy.

Orthopedic News Continued...

Click here for more news.

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